image by Guy Blomme, young enset plants

Enset - Ethiopia's tree against hunger

Enset is a major food security crop of the Southern Ethiopian highlands, serving as a daily staple for an estimated 20 million people in this region. Small-holder farmers cultivating enset face ongoing challenges due to crop pests and diseases, and the realities of a changing climate.

To characterize cultivation practices and challenges in a diverse landscape of enset production systems, the team of dr. Guy Blomme, from Bioversity International, as part of CGIAR, conducted extensive household surveys across the enset-growing belt of Ethiopia. These surveys allow for an evaluation of the importance of enset, co-staples and annual crops for household subsistence, the characterization of different farm management and processing practices, and an assessment of the constraints enset farmers face in a changing climate.

BlueGreen labs provided the analysis of household survey data, collaborating in the identification of major results, and editorial work for scientific publications. Several publications from this research collaboration are upcoming!

Enset remains an unknown crop outside of Ethio pia. Find out more about the food security services enset provides for Ethiopian communities in our blog post on Enset, the ‘false banana’.

Elizabeth Kearsley, PhD.Eng.
Partner, Researcher