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Xanthomonas wilt of banana

A recent publication of a book chapter on Xanthomonas wilt is online

Banana Fusarium wilt paper is featured online

Fusarium wilt is a major disease of bananas and poses a threat to global banana production. Here we investigate the genetic diversity of the fungus in banana plantations in Laos and Vietnam.

Banana Xanthomonas wilt control paper is featured online

Xanthomonas wilt is a major disease of bananas affecting the livelihood and food security of East and Central African small-holder farmers. Here we investigate the effectiveness and the cost- and time-efficiency of Xanthomonas wilt control options.

Banana intercropping paper is featured online

In small-holder intercropping the choice of banana spacing will need to be tailored to the banana cultivar, soil conditions and the farmers objectives.

New smallholder intercropping paper online

Allocation of crops with varying sensitivity to various banana shade levels can potentially increase whole field productivity.

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