BlueGreen Labs

The BlueGreen open science labs, provides free tools to manage and access oceans of environmental data. BlueGreen Labs is also where we develop new open source software and sproject ideas. Through these projects BlueGreen tries to give back to the open source community which facilitates all our work. Our mature software products can be found on our github page. Tutorials and other ideas are listed in our projects section below.


Our time is limited and requests for help on our projects are frequent. Where substantial intellectual input is required we ask for credit. Intellectual input can take the form of (but not limited to) custom code, data manipulation, methodological advice (including experimental design) and editorial work outside the scope of general journal requests.

The form of credit is negotiable and depends on the exact circumstance, but can include (and is not necessarily limited to):

For simple questions regarding the functioning of our open source software, or previously published work, we do not apply a consultancy policy. Simple acknowledgements and properly cited software or literature would suffice.