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From data to publication, making past & present environmental data work for you.

We are a team of environmental scientists dedicated at making sense of oceans of data and solving data driven environmental questions. With our combined expertise in remote sensing, ecological modelling, field surveys, data science & rescue we can provide end-to-end research & development solutions. We help you effectively communicate research results, reaching both professional and general audiences.


our expertise

Data Science & Rescue

We support your data analysis and synthesis, ranging from remote sensing data processing to machine learning.

Science Communication

Our editorial services quickly draft a manuscript or grant framework. We help you communicate your research, through formal and informal channels.

Experimental design

We provide guidance in field survey planning, sampling protocol design and hardware & software development.


past & ongoing projects


Congo basin eco-climatological data recovery and valorisation

Project lead. The project develops a multi-faceted database by making the archives of the Institut National pour l’Etude Agronomique du Congo belge digitally accessible.

High Resolution Vegetation Phenology and Productivity

We provide remote sensing validation expertise in support of product development.

Historical Aerial Photography Valorization

We used a combination of historical (1958) aerial photography and contemporary remote sensing data to map long-term changes in the extent and structure of the tropical forest surrounding Yangambi (DR Congo) in the central Congo Basin.

Integrated Carbon Observation System PhenoCam protocol

We detail the protocol for the implementation of cameras on Integrated Carbon Observation System flux towers.

Jungle Rhythms

Project Lead. This project strives to transcribe old observations of tree life cycle events (flowering, leaf shedding, fruit dispersion), in central African Rainforests, which are key to understanding a tree’s functioning.

Jungle Weather

Central African climate data rescue using a computer vision, deep learning and crowd sourcing methods.

Open hardware development

We provide open hardware development in support of (academic) research.

Open Source Software development

We provide a range of open source software packages in support of (academic) research.

Picture Based Insurance

We provide protocol development and data processing expertise in support of this IFPRI led project to mitigate basic risk in smallholder farmer insurance.

Virtual Forest

Science outreach project bringing a virtual forest to people, allowing them to experience the slow change in a forest (growth) over time.


Most recent work

The freely available Sentinel-2 imagery at a 10 m spatial resolution with a ~ 5-day repeat cycle provides an opportunity to map vegetation phenology at an unprecedented fine spatial scale. Several aspects of producing a new Sentinel-2 phenology product are studied.

Xanthomonas wilt is a major disease of bananas affecting the livelihood and food security of East and Central African small-holder farmers. Here we investigate the effectiveness and the cost- and time-efficiency of Xanthomonas wilt control options.

In small-holder intercropping the choice of banana spacing will need to be tailored to the banana cultivar, soil conditions and the farmers’ objectives.

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Our Team


Koen Hufkens, PhD

Partner, Researcher

Macro Ecology, Plant Physiology, Remote Sensing, Data Science & Rescue, Open Science Advocacy


Elizabeth Kearsley, PhD.Eng

Partner, Researcher

Tropical Ecology, Biodiversity, Plant Traits, Field Surveys


Lyndon Kearsley


Bird migration, Bird behaviour, Pallid swift, GPS logging, Movement ecology


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