Experimental design

Protocol development for data collection

Thinking through your data collection efforts rigorously will save you from heartache coming back from the field. We help you formulate your research questions and assess the accompanying data requirements, taking into account statistical considerations for your planned analysis. By developing a suitable sampling design, we help you prevent biases in your results.

For data collection campaigns in (tropical) remote areas, we can help develop alternative plans B and C for when difficulties arise in complex field situations, and you need to re-adjust quickly and adequately.

Software and hardware development

We develop a wide range of R software packages used by thousands of users worldwide. These packages give access to data (e.g. the ECMWF Climate Data Store package ecmwfr) or provide (ecological) modelling frameworks. In order to support past and ongoing research and scientific communication we also developed open hardware solutions. For example, our Virtual Forest VR project is described in full on our github repository.

Don’t know how to put hardware together or adapt to your needs? Don’t know where to start when to develop your own package? Contact us.

Check out more at our BlueGreen open science Labs

Design and follow up of citizen science studies

Citizen science is an effective way to speed up research, while having a broader societal impact. In the past we led efforts to transcribe both ecological and climatological records with the help of volunteers in our Jungle Weather and Jungle Rhythms projects. Thousands of volunteers helped in both these tasks. We can help you design and curate Zooniverse projects to push your project forward.