Lyndon receives the Wim Dings Award

BlueGreen Labs associate Lyndon Kearsley received the Wim Dings award

We are proud to announce that Lyndon Kearsley, a research associate, was awarded the “Wim Dings” prize for his recent paper on swift foraging behaviour titled: “The aeroecology of atmospheric convergence zones: the case of pallid swifts".

The prize, in recognition of the field ornithologist Wim Dings (1927-2012), is awarded every two years to early career or amateur field ornithologists in Belgium or The Netherlands. The prize itself is a collaboration between the University of Antwerp, Natuurpunt, the “Vogeldag” symposium and the Dutch Ornithological Union.

Koen Hufkens, PhD
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As an earth system scientist and ecologist I model ecosystem processes.