Mapping in ggplot2 and R - animated raster maps

Animating ggplot maps

Mapping in ggplot2 and R - bivariate maps

Visualize complex data

daymetr 1.5 CRAN release

New release updates the API to version 4

Daymetr raster manipulation

A demo to help you calculate spatial summary statistics

Mapping in ggplot2 and R - raster resolution issues

Coarse raster data tricks

ecmwfr 1.3.0 CRAN release

Adding additional Copernicus services to the ECMWF package

Mapping in ggplot2 and R - layered cake

A first tutorial on how to build maps with ggplot2 in R

Visualizing COVID cases in Belgium

Visualizing COVID cases as random dots to better represent the spatial and dynamic nature of the pandemic.