skylight 1.1 CRAN release

Porting an old FORTAN sky illuminance model to R

snotelr 1.1 CRAN release

Update due to breaking dependencies

ecmwfr 1.4.0 CRAN release

Adding batch queries to the ECMWF package

Mapping in ggplot2 and R - visualizing dynamic features

Plotting wind in ggplot

phenor v2.0 preview

New hindcast and forecast capabilities

igrf 1.0 CRAN release

A new package modelling the Earth magnetic field

Mapping in ggplot2 and R - animated raster maps

Animating ggplot maps

Mapping in ggplot2 and R - bivariate maps

Visualize complex data

daymetr 1.5 CRAN release

New release updates the API to version 4

Daymetr raster manipulation

A demo to help you calculate spatial summary statistics