The life-cycle of an R package

Published packages in MEE are well maintained, and remain viable long after the average lifespan of PhD or postdoc appointments

daymetr 1.7 CRAN release

Updating the API endpoints

skylight 1.1 CRAN release

Porting an old FORTAN sky illuminance model to R

snotelr 1.1 CRAN release

Update due to breaking dependencies

ecmwfr 1.4.0 CRAN release

Adding batch queries to the ECMWF package

Mapping in ggplot2 and R - visualizing dynamic features

Plotting wind in ggplot

phenor v2.0 preview

New hindcast and forecast capabilities

igrf 1.0 CRAN release

A new package modelling the Earth magnetic field

Mapping in ggplot2 and R - animated raster maps

Animating ggplot maps

Mapping in ggplot2 and R - bivariate maps

Visualize complex data