skylight 1.1 CRAN release

Porting an old FORTAN sky illuminance model to R

snotelr 1.1 CRAN release

Update due to breaking dependencies

ecmwfr 1.4.0 CRAN release

Adding batch queries to the ECMWF package

ONEFlux containers

run fluxnet processing on any system

phenor v2.0 preview

New hindcast and forecast capabilities

igrf 1.0 CRAN release

A new package modelling the Earth magnetic field

daymetr 1.5 CRAN release

New release updates the API to version 4

ecmwfr 1.3.0 CRAN release

Adding additional Copernicus services to the ECMWF package

An integrated phenology modelling framework in r

We present the phenor r package and modelling framework. The framework leverages measurements of vegetation phenology from four common phenology observation datasets, the PhenoCam network, the USA National Phenology Network, the Pan European Phenology Project, MODIS phenology combined with (global) retrospective and projected climate data.

Open Source Software development

We provide a range of open source software packages in support of (academic) research.