Bird behavioural studies

Research associate Lyndon Kearsley runs multiple lines of research on bird behaviour in collaboration with Belgian and international partners (among others the MAVA Foundation, Swiss Ornithological Institute). Topics cover consulting research within the context of bird strikes on wind mills (as consultant for Belora vzw), to breeding and non-breeding season behaviour of swifts using state-of-the-art bio-logging sensors. Lyndon is an expert in the deployment and management of bio-logging field campaigns and a frequent invited speaker at international institutions within this context. Recently he was awarded the “Wim Dings” prize for his recent paper on swift foraging behaviour titled: “The aeroecology of atmospheric convergence zones: the case of pallid swifts” and his career as a whole.

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Koen Hufkens, PhD
Partner, Researcher

As an earth system scientist and ecologist I model ecosystem processes.